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What We Offer

Here at Bright Minds, lessons are simplified so that students can easily relate to the concepts and understand them better! Have a look at our process to teaching.

Live Scheduled Classes

Just like traditional tuition classes, we offer Live scheduled classes at specific times during the day. There will be 2 Live classes per week for most subjects with some subjects offering 3 Live classes per week.

Worksheets, automated quizzes, digital flashcards, class notes and other resources will be provided to help students prepare for their unit tests and term tests.

Class Recordings

Class recordings are provided to enable students to go back and re-watch any class that they might have missed.

Direct Message Teachers

Students are also able to message our teachers at any time to help clear their doubts, our teachers will try to get back to the messages in a timely manner.

Lessons Library

A lesson library including all the lessons of the syllabus is also available for students. The lesson library can be used by students to revise and prepare for their tests.

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