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Hear it from Hana

"I never thought I could learn online, but after trying out Bright Minds, I realized that I was wrong. The classes were great and I was able to complete my O' Levels. To top it off, I even made it into the national top ten – something that has never been done before by a student from ADh. Omadhoo School. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn online and for the support I received from Bright Minds. It's been an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone."

Grade 12

"The classes enjoyable and very effective. Past paper question are done at the end of each topic and revisions carried now and then. Also availability of the class recordings mean that you could re-watch the lesson which is the best part about this tuition."

Grade 10

"All the teachers are friendly and approachable. They make the classes more enjoyable while interacting with the students and also give great advice. In addition, the teachers make the subject understandable and easier to grasp as well."

Grade 07

"I extremely like this tuition, before I joined this tuition class I didn't have that much interest in studying but now I have a huge interest in studying and I got great marks on my tests. I also learned to manage time. My improvements were noticeable to my family and my teachers as well. Thank you!"

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